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Way Foreward of Vishwa Chetna Commune
Vishwa chetna commune is in a position to guide and enable sustainable meditation & Yoga promotion for physical and mentally.
It works livelihood promotion for the community groups by resource centre and provides proper technical education /vocational training rural areas literate youngsters.
The organization will keep supporting the issues based campaign on free of caste health camps such as Eradication of blindness, distributed warm cloths and medicine rural poor people
It works livelihood promotion for woman empowerment and with focus on socially and economically poor people.
Take up drought and livelihood campaign independently and build pressure on government machinery for effective implementation of NREGA, SGSY and other Drought Relief Packges.
Strengthen the GHGs / Federation movement towards sustainability and facilitate local resource and need based livelihood promotion and income generating activities. The organization will collaborated with Micro Finance Agency for catering the local demand of micro finance for the socially and economically poor households with livelihood and enterprises support services. The organization will also look forward for social security of the poor community groups by promotion of Micro Insurance.
Findings out new opportunities for strengthening its Water, Sanitation & Hygiene campaign, which was earlier limited to awareness drive and construction of toilet with the support of district administration. The organization will take up integrated water resource management issues, water-livelihood linkages, links between poverty and water with exclusion and gender perspective.
The organization will strengthen the governance process by mobilizing PRIs members and functionaries and organizing transparency exercise under the leadership of Community Based Organization / Women based Institutions
Intensively carry forward the HIV & AIDS Awareness drives and empower person living with HIV and AIDS to protect them from violence, freedom from stigma and discrimination
Strengthening is base of Mass Based Movements for accessing services – Health, Drinking Water, Education, livelihood, credit and hold the state accountable for non-accessibility of basic services by the poor and excluded through social audit, public hearing etc.
Strengthen the Gos – NGOs and public private partnership in newer approach and strategies. The focus will be also given towards building institutional linkages and demanding transparency & accountability with service providers, line department functionaries and administrative forces
Promotion of girls’ child education and making school functional and enabling children who are presently out of school for social, cultural, economic, and political reasons, to enroll in formal schools and engage in learning.
Strengthen women’s collective to challenge social processes, laws, institutions at the local and district level and linking them with existing women’s movement.
The organization will also work for building the capacities and skills of the associated team members and communities volunteer as strategies for enduring proper discharge of roles and responsibilities in the interest of poorest & marginalized groups


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