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Objectives of Vishwa Chetna Commune
To put an effort to bring an intense awareness by meditation and vedic knowledge for evolution of the spiritual consciousness of human being and to establish the residential schools.
To establish the academic institutions for the helpless and disabled children and make them able to survive and be dependent. To establish the health centers for the protection of health.
To stimulate the backward, neglected and down-trodden for their educational social and moral evolution.
To acquire land for the protection of environment and wild life and open offices and Ashramas for the fulfillment of the needs of the members of the institution and plant in a large scale and protect them. And to give land on lease for the offices and Ashramas. Agriculture and water conservator areas related program implemented.
To found academic institutions to gain knowledge in various languages of the world in the region. And established technical educational institutions and organized training.
To establish Vedic and spiritual Ashramas and cow sheds in district level and to give free treatment by Ayurvedic, rekie, acupressure, homeopathy, method in rural areas and establish medical centers.
To make an attempt by short dance dramas and protruding corner dramas for the arrangement of exhibition festival and for the vigil of human consciousness.
To establish sub-branches of the institution in district level in the entire country to make the national spirit powerful and to execute with the help of central government and state government.
To put an intense effort to execute the public welfare plans executed by central government and state government and unicef.
To renovate the archeological and historical memorial buildings and collect the acquaintance to their historical importance to propagate and transmit it.
To publicate and transmit a monthly magazine by the institution for the evolution of consciousness and to found library and reading room in the region.
To train the villagers and unemployed people and plant the medicinal herbs by Ayurvedic method in the acquired land. And established Ayush Medical Research Center and medical collage.
  Vishwa Chetna Commune to put an effort to bring an intense awareness by meditation and vedic knowledge for evolution of the spiritual consciousness of human beings and established the technical institutions to train villagers and unemployed youth. Vishwa chenta commune is strongly work for empowerment of consciousness of human being, socially and economically underprivileged community group with inclusion and gender perspective.

Geographical Areas where we Operate
Vishwa Chetna Commune is working in bundelkhand Region of Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh V.C.C. has reached to 16000 families in villages of 560 Panchayat of 10 blocks in Chhatarpur and sagar districts Madhya Pradesh respectively. At present, Vishwa Chetna Commune operate from khajuraho Chhatarpur is also running programme office in sagark District of Madhya Pradesh. Banda UP.

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