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Shri Shiromani Swami basically belongs to a smalls village palra in distt.Banda. He has some agricultural piece of land in village Ghathari under Tehsil Gaurihar section Londi. Swami ji had a good interaction with the inhabitants of the area. He had a great curb in his heart for the plight of the people who were the victim of feudalism and blind beliefs.

As a result he decided to stay there and to work for the betterment of the people and to get rid them from the atricities thay were suffering from.He therefore established himself as a benevolent journalist he inspired the people to live freely frankly and fearlessly in all its pride and power.

Swami ji believes that only a free and fear less person can make his life physically, mentally and econocically rich and strong. Mean while he happened to see OSHO who influenced him a lot and it became a turning point in his life. He founded an organization named Vishwa Chetna Commune and started a campaign for the social and mental transformation of the people.

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